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Gemstones have been used to symbolize many different occasions, such as birth dates, anniversary dates as well as personal taste and fashion. The most common use has been birthstones. How many times have you seen a mother wearing a garnet or emerald ring or necklace? Chances are, if you ask her the meaning behind the ring, she will answer, “This represents my son's, daughter's or husband's birthday.” Birthstones hold a special place in many people’s hearts.

The tradition of using precious gemstones to represent a certain time of year dates back hundreds of years. They were originally associated with the signs of the zodiac. Garnet was associated with Aquarius, amethyst with Pisces, etc… In 1912 an organization known as “The Jewelers of America,” formed a modern birthstone list. A similar list was formed to associate precious gemstones with specific anniversaries. The first anniversary is gold. The second anniversary is garnet, etc. The list of gems associated with anniversaries exceeds the list of gems that represent birth months because there are several more anniversary years than months in the year.

These particular gemstones not only have meanings for each birthday or anniversary, but they stand for a meaning all their own. For example, the modern meaning of garnet stands for happiness, lasting love and friendship. These specific meanings and symbols are the reason people value each individual stone. Some people wear the stones for fashion purposes only, but others choose to wear them for the meaning behind them.

Anniversary Gem Stone Description Color
1st Anniversary Pearl ring, bracelet, necklace Pearl
2nd Anniversary Garnet shiny - deep red stone Garnet
3rd Anniversary Pearl silvery white - glossy finish Pearl
4th Anniversary Blue Topaz shiny medium blue shades Blue Topaz
5th Anniversary Sapphire shades of blue Sapphire
6th Anniversary Amethyst shades of purple Amethyst
7th Anniversary Onyx alternate light and dark bands-variety Onyx
8th anniversary Tourmaline variety of colors  
9th Anniversary Lapis Lazuli shades of blue Lapis Lazuli
10th Anniversary Diamond colorless - shiny Diamond
11th Anniversary Turquoise greenish-blue shades Turquoise
12th Anniversary Jade green opaque color Jade
13th Anniversary Citrine orangish color Citrine
14th Anniversary Opal white with shades of color Opal
15th Anniversary Ruby medium to Darker Red Ruby
16th Anniversary Peridot shiny shades of green Peridot
17th Anniversary Watch    
18th Anniversary Cat's Eye variety of colors Cat's Eye
19th Anniversary Aquamarine shiny - shades of blue Aquamarine
20th Anniversary Emerald shiny - shades of green Emerald
21st Anniversary Iolite shiny - shades of blue Iolite
22nd Anniversary Spinel shiny - variety of colors Spinel
23rd Anniversary Imperial Topaz shiny - shades of yellow, orange Imperial Topaz
24th Anniversary Tanzanite shiny - shades of blue Tanzanite
25th Anniversary Sterling Silver shades of silver Silver
30th Anniversary Pearl silvery white semi-shiny Pearl
35th Anniversary Emerald shiny - shades of green Emerald
40th Anniversary Ruby medium to Darker Red Ruby
45th Anniversary Sapphire shades of blue Sapphire
50th Anniversary Gold   Gold
55th Anniversary Alexandrite changes different colors Alexandrite
60th Anniversary Diamond colorless - shiny Diamond
65th Anniversary Star Sapphire

star shape in center

Star Sapphire
75th Anniversary Diamond colorless - shiny diamond


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