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While your 55th wedding anniversary may not bring the glitz and glamour of your 50th wedding anniversary, it is no less special. Two people that love each other and stay together for 55 years should be celebrated. Hopefully some of our suggestions can help you make this anniversary extra special for you and your loved one. Cheers!

  • 55th Traditional Anniversary Gift: EMERALD
  • Modern Gift: EMERALD
  • Gemstone: EMERALD
  • Most Popular Song 55 Years Ago: "I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND" - Beatles
  • Price of Gasoline when you were married: $0.30
  • TRADITIONAL & MODERN GIFT: The emerald is known for its brilliant green shine. This shine comes from a high content of chromium. Genuine emeralds contain trace amounts of iron, which actually increases the value of the stone. Some of the best emeralds in the world are found in South America, particularly Columbia and Brazil. Ancient Egyptians buried emeralds with mummies. Some of the oldest emeralds in the world were harvested from the infamous “Cleopatra mines”. Emeralds are known to be very tough gems, but they are prone to cracks on the surface, which could devalue the gem. For this reason, before the gems are sold to the public, they are treated with epoxy or oils to fix or prevent any cracks and improve the transparency.

    GEMSTONE: Alexandrite is a very rare gemstone names after the Russian tsar Alexander II. It is considered the national stone of Russia because it portrays the same green and red colors of the old Imperial Russia. As stated, it is the rarest of the stones that represent a wedding anniversary. Another unique quality is that it changes color. It can turn anywhere from a bluish-green to shades of red. It is rarely made into jewelry, so if you can get your hands on Alexandrite, it would be a great, symbolic gift for your loved one.

    FLOWER: While there is not a specific flower associated the 55th wedding anniversary, flowers are always appropriate. Roses, lilies, carnations, daisies and violets are some beautiful suggestions, but any flower that your spouse likes can be professionally bundled and can be given as a thoughtful gift. Tie a bouquet of 55 flowers with an emerald colored ribbon or place in an emerald colored vase and you have a perfect 55th wedding anniversary gift.

    We invite you to visit us for your next anniversary and we will give you more great ideas.




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