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The 10th wedding anniversary calls for the most distinct gemstone yet, the diamond. Ladies and Gentlemen, you have had 10 years to save your pennies. We don’t want to scare you because there are affordable presents, other than a diamond, that also hold very sentimental meaning. Here are a few symbols associated with the 10th wedding anniversary.

  • 10th Traditional Anniversary Gift: TIN / ALUMINUM
  • Modern Gift: DIAMOND JEWELRY
  • Gemstone: DIAMOND
  • Flower: DAFFODIL
  • Most Popular Song 10 Years Ago: "BOOM BOOM POW " - The Black Eyed Peas
    Average Price of Gasoline when you were married: $2.35 / gallon
  • TRADITIONAL GIFT: Tin or Aluminum is the traditional present associated with the 10th wedding anniversary. How are those as an alternative to a diamond? Some gift ideas include: aluminum watches, tin candlestick holders, aluminum music box, cookware and tin or aluminum picture frames.

    MODERN GIFT: Diamonds have become the modern present associated with the 10th wedding anniversary. Diamond gifts are obviously more expensive than the traditional tin or aluminum presents. Earrings, pendants, rings, cufflinks or a broach are all great ideas.

    GEMSTONE: Diamonds are the strongest and most durable substances on earth. Diamonds are the most popular choice for engagement rings and have become the symbol of true love. Throughout time, diamonds have been thought to have several powers, such as: protecting against nightmares, phobias, poisons, insanity, witchcraft and demonic possession. Contrary to popular belief, diamonds are not always colorless. They can have shades of pink, green, red, blue, yellow and even black. The most famous diamond in the world is the Hope diamond. The Hope diamond is 45.5 carats and located at the Smithsonian Natural History Institute in Washington D.C.

    FLOWER: Daffodils symbolize 10 years of marriage. This flower represents joy, cheerfulness and happiness. If you are celebrating your 10th wedding anniversary you have no doubt experienced all of these feelings with your spouse. A potted daffodil plant or a bouquet of 10 daffodils is a great way to express your feelings.


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