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You are 5 years away from the big FIVE OH, but 45 years of marriage is nothing to sneeze at. Congratulations to you and your spouse. You were obviously made for each other and your love and devotion should be celebrated. We would like to give you some symbolic gift ideas to show the one you love that you love them more today than the day you met.

  • 45th Traditional Anniversary Gift: SAPPHIRE
  • Modern Gift: SAPPHIRE
  • Gemstone: SAPPHIRE
  • Most Popular Song 45 Years Ago: "THE WAY WE WERE" - Barbra Streisand
  • Price of Gasoline when you were married: $.53 / gallon
  • TRADITIONAL/MODERN GIFT: Both traditional and modern gifts for the 45th wedding anniversary are sapphire. As with most stones, sapphires can be incorporated into various sorts of jewelry or vases. Here are a few ideas: ring, pendant, money clip, tie clip, bracelet or cuff links. Some non-jewelry gift ideas are: blue home decor, blue crystal bowl or vase or blue lingerie or clothing.

    GEMSTONE: Sapphire is a very hard stone and its history dates back to biblical times. It is thought that the tablets containing the Ten Commandments were made from sapphire. It was also thought that the earth rested on a huge piece of sapphire which in turn reflected the sun and gave the sky its bluish color. Royalty has worn sapphire to symbolize wisdom, holiness, virtue and good fortune. Sapphire was used in Princess Diana’s engagement ring. Used in an engagement ring, sapphire is particularly meaningful because it symbolizes faithfulness and sincerity. It is an alternative to the traditional engagement ring.

    FLOWER: There isn’t a particular flower associated with the 45th wedding anniversary. This leaves the decision to you. You could get a bouquet of 45 of your spouse’s favorite flowers and put them in a sapphire colored vase or tie them with a sapphire colored ribbon.

    We invite you to visit us for your 50th anniversary and we will give you ideas for your golden anniversary.





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