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Congratulations on your 75th wedding anniversary. A couple that has been together for 75 years most likely isn’t interested in material things. Rather than giving diamond rings or necklaces, a gift of time or companionship may be more appropriate. Something like a weekend getaway, special dinner or simply a day together will be much more appreciated. Another suggestion is a picture collage or a video of significant times in the anniversary couple’s life (family weddings, parties etc.)

  • 75th Traditional Anniversary Gift: DIAMOND
  • Modern Gift: DIAMOND
  • Gemstone: DIAMOND
  • Popular Songs 75 Years Ago: "SWINGING ON A STAR" - Bing Crosby
  • Price of Gasoline when you were married: $.21

    TRADITIONAL & MODERN GIFT: : The traditional and modern gift for the 75th wedding anniversary is a diamond. Diamonds are the most popular stone used in jewelry. Here are some gift suggestions: earrings, watches, necklaces, pendants, rings and cufflinks. 

    GEMSTONE: Diamonds are the strongest and most durable substances on earth. Diamonds are the most popular choice for engagement rings and have become the symbol of true love. Throughout time, diamonds have been thought to have several powers, such as: protecting against nightmares, phobias, poisons, insanity, witchcraft and demonic possession. Contrary to popular belief, diamonds are not always colorless. They can have shades of pink, green, red, blue, yellow and even black. The most famous diamond in the world is the Hope diamond. The Hope diamond is 45.5 carats and located at the Smithsonian Natural History Institute in Washington D.C.

    FLOWER: : While there is not a specific flower associated the 75th wedding anniversary, flowers are always appropriate. Roses, lilies, carnations and violets are some beautiful suggestions, but any flower that your spouse or the anniversary couple likes can be professionally bundled with a ribbon or placed in a vase. A bouquet of 75 flowers will make a spectacular display and can symbolize the magnitude of a 75 year relationship.

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