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Wow - Together for 40 years!  You have defied the odds and you deserve to celebrate your Ruby Anniversary.  Whether you are the lucky couple celebrating your 40th  or you have been invited to a 40th wedding anniversary party, we would like to give you some information unique to the 40th  wedding anniversary.

  • 40th Traditional Anniversary Gift: RUBY
  • Modern Gift: RUBY
  • Gemstone: RUBY
  • Flower: Nasturtium
  • Most Popular Song 40 Years Ago: "My Sharona " - The Knack
  • Price of Gasoline when you were married: $.86
  • TRADITIONAL/MODERN GIFT: Not much has changed from traditional to modern gifts on the 40th wedding anniversary. The ruby represents both. Here are several ruby gift ideas: any kind of jewelry - earrings, necklace, ring, bracelet, cuff links and tie clip. If you or your spouse is an art lover, consider art that incorporates rubies. Ruby colored or ruby studded bowls and vases are also great ideas.

    GEMSTONE: Rubies are the second hardest gemstone only to a diamond. Rubies can range in color from orange-red to purple-red. The redder a ruby is the more sought after the stone is. As far back as ancient times the ruby has been thought to enable people to predict the future as well as stop bleeding. More recently, rubies were used to make the first laser. Rubies are an alternative to diamonds when it comes to engagement rings. When worn on the left hand, rubies are said to bring good luck.

    FLOWER: : The nasturtium is a very interesting flower/plant. Nasturtiums are late bloomers that are usually orange or reddish in color. They are perfect for the fall. The leaves and flowers, when cooked, are used to treat infections, colds, flu and digestive issues. The nasturtium is not a very well known flower, so when your spouse asks what kind of flower it is, you can explain that it is the traditional 40th wedding anniversary flower. He or she will be impressed that you have done your homework.

    We invite you to visit us for your next anniversary and we will give you more great ideas.




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