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Congratulations on making it 365 days as a newlywed couple. Everyday life is hectic and it is more important than ever to "smell the roses" and appreciate the person who is traveling through life with you. You have a long road ahead of you and there will be ups and downs, but you can demonstrate your love each anniversary by giving a meaningful, traditional gift. We are here to assist you.

  • 1st Traditional Anniversary Gift: PAPER
  • Modern Gift: CLOCK
  • Gemstone: PEARL
  • Flower: PANSY
  • Most Popular Song: " GOD'S PLAN" - Drake
  • Average Price of Gasoline when you were married: $2.90 / gallon

TRADITIONAL GIFT: Paper is the traditional gift that represents the first anniversary. Writing a poem or love letter on high quality paper is a popular idea. Tickets to a play, concert or a sporting event are other options depending on what your spouse prefers. Artwork and scrapbooks are also clever gifts. Airplane tickets to a romantic destination definitely fulfill the paper gift requirement.

MODERN GIFT: The modern gift for the 1st anniversary is a clock. Either a wall clock, desk clock or a watch will qualify. There are several different types of wall clocks: wooden, glass, mirror, stained glass, etc. Watches can be as varied as a diamond studded watch to a Mickey Mouse watch.

GEMSTONE: Gold is the traditional jewelry gift for the 1st anniversary but pearl is the gemstone and represents the 1st wedding anniversary. Pearls are unique to other gems in that they are created inside of species such as oysters, mollusks and clams. There are two types of pearls, natural and cultured.  A natural pearl is the rarest of pearls.  It is formed when an irritant makes its way into one of these species.  It then begins to secrete what is commonly known as “mother of pearl” to produce the smooth, final product.  A cultured pearl is the more common pearl found in jewelry.  A cultured pearl is formed when a human purposely places an irritant in one of the above species with the intent of “growing” a pearl.  Pearls have long been a valued commodity and are a perfect gift to give on the 1st wedding anniversary.

FLOWER: A Pansy is a very small, delicate flower. This represents the 1st wedding anniversary perfectly. Like a pansy, the beginning of a marriage is very delicate. Once a firm foundation is established, it can grow. A potted plant of pansies is a very appropriate 1st anniversary gift.

We invite you to visit us for your 5th anniversary and we will give you more great ideas.


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