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If you are looking for information on or the history of a particular wedding anniversary, you have come to the right place. The research has been done for you. We have compiled a list of associated jewelry and gemstones, flowers and traditional gifts for various wedding anniversaries. If you are a husband looking to impress your wife with a bouquet of flowers that represent the number of years you have been married, it is only a click away. If you are a wife who wants to give your husband a meaningful gift for your 15th wedding anniversary, you will see that a watch or a crystal gift would represent just that. Giving a watch as a gift is great, but giving a watch as a gift along with a dozen roses on your 15th wedding anniversary and explaining the history behind both gifts to your spouse will earn you extra points!. With the information available on this site you will be able to make this anniversary your best one yet.

Finding a meaningful wedding anniversary gift, year after year is a tough task. The intent of this web site is to centralize as much information as possible and make it easier for you to see the history and give you gift ideas for your specific anniversary. Not every wedding anniversary has a gemstone, flower or gift associated with it, but many do. In today’s world of hustle and bustle, it gets harder and harder to find time for details such as these, so bookmark this site and make an annual visit. We hope to help you make each and every wedding anniversary a special one.

Anniversary Gifts

Anniversary Gifts
Personalized Poems and Gifts for any year anniversary.

Traditional Gifts
Table of Anniversary gifts by year- Traditional and Modern.

Anniversary Jewelry
Gemstones associated with wedding anniversary years.

Famous Couples
Wedding Anniversary Dates of Famous Couples in History and Entertainment.